About the Make Exxon Pay campaign

What this campaign is about

Make Exxon Pay is a community campaign fighting to make corporate tax avoiders like ExxonMobil Australia pay a fair share of tax on their enormous revenues.

We demand Exxon does the right thing and stops using tax dodging practices to avoid paying their fair contribution to Australia.

We demand new laws from the Federal Government to make multinational corporate tax affairs more transparent, including any payments from and to governments.

We demand new laws from the Federal Government that see multinational corporations like Exxon paying at least hundreds of millions of dollars on their $6.8 billion-plus annual revenue from Australian resources.

We demand multinational corporations like Exxon act ethically when operating in our community: paying their fair share of tax, giving Australian workers a fair go and causing no harm to our environment.


Who are we

The Make Exxon Pay Coalition is made up of trade unions, community groups and faith organisations who have had enough of multinational corporations like Exxon taking advantage of Australia and Australian taxpayers.


Media Contact

Rory McCourt

0423 048 968